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Choosing glasses for kids

Choosing glasses for kids

Choosing glasses for kids

Finding the right pair of children’s glasses can often be more difficult than anticipated. You want something that’s going to benefit the health of their eyes and wellbeing. But it’s equally important to find a pair of glasses that they will enjoy wearing now, and six months down the line – without getting bored of them.

Walking into a major optical retailer only tends to add further confusion. With hundreds of different shapes, sizes, colours and designs to choose from, knowing where to start can be a challenge.

But narrowing the options down to the perfect pair of glasses is a matter of focusing exclusively on what matters most. Rather than searching tirelessly through a seemingly endless collection of frames, adopt a more strategic approach.

To help you get started, here are seven essential tips that should make the prospect of choosing kid’s glasses at least slightly less daunting:

Choose the right optical retailer

To begin, make sure you choose the right retailer. Use customer reviews and recommendations to find a specialist that stocks a good range of kid’s glasses. In doing so, you’ll gain access to the helpful expert support and recommendations that could make the decisions significantly easier.

Prioritise style over fads

The kid’s fashion world is packed with “flavour of the month” fads, as is the wider adult fashion world. Glasses are no exception to this, and you will find no shortage of temporarily on-trend designs without longevity.  Kids are rarely willing to wear glasses that are past season, out of style or no longer ‘cool’ in the eyes of their peers. So try to avoid fads in favour of genuine style and timeless design.

Plastic or metal frames?

Modern plastic and metal glasses frames can be equally lightweight, durable and resistant to whatever your kids put them through. They’re also available at an extensive range of price points, so this is more about personal preference than one option being better than the other. However, you may need to take allergies and sensitivities into account, as some children may be allergic to particular materials used in the construction of some frame types.

Ensure a good bridge fit

Not only is every child’s nose a unique shape and size, but they are also continuously growing. This can make it difficult to find the perfect bridge when shopping for glasses. Manufacturers occasionally make the bridges on kids’ glasses uncomfortably small, but it’s just as important to avoid gaps that will cause the glasses to slip. Don’t settle for a bridge with an improper fit, as the rest of your decision making will be inconsequential.

Temple style and frame arms

The temples (or arms) of kid’s glasses are available in just as many styles and configurations as adult glasses. A good option is to choose temples that curve behind the ear to prevent the glasses from falling off. This can also help reduce the risk of slippage and keep the frames in a comfortable position. Alternatively, standard straight temples can be complemented with strings and straps for a similar effect.

Glasses lens material

Kid’s modern glasses lenses are manufactured from sophisticated materials. Though opinions can vary from one optometrist to the next, most recommend polycarbonate and Trivex lenses over traditional glass lenses. Though traditional glass lenses tend to be cheaper, they are not as lightweight as plastic lenses and are rarely as durable.

Children’s glasses pricing

The inevitability of your kid’s glasses being subject to all sorts of punishment on a daily basis must be taken into account. Even if they are careful by their own standards, it’s worth questioning whether a pair of children’s designer glasses is worthwhile. Unless they are covered by a warranty or insurance policy, overspending is usually inadvisable.

To conclude, the process of searching for kids’ glasses can be simplified by choosing the right retailer, and asking plenty of questions to find the perfect pair.

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