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If you spend much of your working day in front of a computer screen, wearing VDU lenses is recommended. Visual Display Unit glasses are finished with an advanced anti-reflection layer that has been proven to eliminate glare and subsequently reduce eye strain. In addition, quality VDU lenses can enhance contrast and detail by up to 20%, further reducing the strain placed on your eyes during the day. Under the terms of The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work act 2007, all workers who spend significant periods of time using computer screens are entitled to periodic eye health checks – paid for by their

You are probably aware be aware of varifocal glasses, but you may not be so familiar with the benefits of varifocals or tried them out yourself. Despite having been around for many years, misinformation remains about varifocals to such an extent that would-be wearers are discouraged from giving them a second thought. This is unfortunate as quality varifocals can be convenient, practical and even life-changing for some wearers. What are varifocal glasses?  If unfamiliar with the concept, varifocals combine your reading glasses at the bottom of the lens with your prescription distance glasses at the top. In the middle, the two merge into each other. The

Finding the right pair of children's glasses can often be more difficult than anticipated. You want something that’s going to benefit the health of their eyes and wellbeing. But it's equally important to find a pair of glasses that they will enjoy wearing now, and six months down the line - without getting bored of them. Walking into a major optical retailer only tends to add further confusion. With hundreds of different shapes, sizes, colours and designs to choose from, knowing where to start can be a challenge. But narrowing the options down to the perfect pair of glasses is a matter

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